SPG Competition Entry Rules/Guidelines

(Amended June 2022)

Selecting your images

  1. A maximum of 4 images can be submitted in any competition month.
  2. Submissions may be entered in any combination between the Open and Theme competitions (e.g. 3 submissions for the Open Competition and 1 for the Themes Competition or 2 submissions for each competition).
  3. Images submitted must be no more than 18 months old at the date of the competition (unless over-ridden by the monthly theme).
  4. If requested, please reduce the image file size by setting the pixel size to 1024 wide x 768 (approx) high (landscape) or 768 high x (approx) 500 wide (portrait). Guidance will be given upon request.
  5. If preferred, prints up to A3 (image size), mounted or unmounted can be accepted.

Submitting your image

  1. Images must be submitted in correct orientation ie: upright images sent as uprights not horizontal or visa versa.
  2. Please change the name of your images, from say; abc1234.jpg, to the following:
  • for “open” category: O “Title” your initials eg: O Jumping the box JT
  • for “theme” category: T “Title” your initials eg: T Historic Icons DB
  • You will be advised by email where and when to send your images prior to the deadline for the month’s competition. Images are submitted by email or file transfer.

Scoring in the competition

  • Images are given a score that count to the annual League tables in the two categories.
  • Images are judged without knowledge of the author’s name.
  • Images are either judged by an external judge or by the whole group when a judge is not available.
  • Scoring by external judge: 1st, 10 points; 2nd, 7pts; 3rd, 4pts; Highly Commended, 2pts; Commended, 1pt.
  • Scoring by group: points awarded as above based on the collective results of the best three chosen by individual members on the night.
  • If a member has more than one image placed in a particular monthly competition, only the highest scoring image will attract points (although the additional placement would prevent others from attracting the relevant number of points).
  • League winners are awarded The Peter Saul Cup (Open League) and The Andy Stewart Cup (Theme League).

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