SPG Competition Entry Rules/Guidelines

Selecting your images

  1. A maximum of 4 images can be submitted in any competition month
  2. Submissions may be entered in any combination between the Open and Theme competitions (e.g. 3 submissions for the Open Competition and 1 for the Themes Competition or 2 submissions for each competition)
  3. Images submitted must be no more than 24 months old at the date of the competition (unless over-ridden by the monthly theme)
  4. Please reduce the image file size by setting the pixel size to 1024 wide x 768 (approx) high (landscape) or 768 high x (approx) 500 wide (portrait).
  5. If preferred, prints up to A3 (image size), mounted or unmounted can be accepted.

Submitting your image

  1. Images must be submitted in correct orientation ie: upright images sent as uprights not horizontal or visa versa.
  2. Please change the name of your images, from say; abc1234.jpg, to the following:
  • for “open” category: O “Title” your initials eg: O Jumping the box JT
  • for “theme” category: T “Title” your initials eg: T Historic Icons DB

Scoring in the competition

  • Images are given a score that count to the annual League tables in the two categories
  • Images are either judged by an external judge or by the whole group when a judge is not available
  • Scoring by external judge: 1st, 10 points; 2nd, 7pts; 3rd, 4pts; Highly Commended, 2pts; Commended, 1pt
  • Scoring by group: points awarded as above based on the collective results of the best three chosen by individual members on the night
  • If a member has more than one image placed in a particular monthly competition, only the highest scoring image will attract points (although the additional placement would prevent others from attracting the relevant number of points)
  • League winners are awarded The Peter Saul Cup (Open League) and The Andy Stewart Cup (Theme League)

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