We’re Meeting Again in Lockdown


1st in Open: “Refractions” by Ron Wykes

In July SPG members would normally be exercising their shutter fingers in an outside shoot; but in these uncertain times we had another Zoom based competition with the usual open section and a very appropriate set theme of “Me in Lockdown”.

Our judge for the evening was Chris Baldwin from Daventry Photographic Society. Chris had seen the images beforehand so was well prepared with notes and not a little humour to go through our efforts, giving plenty of tips on how some of our work could be improved.

In the open normal service was resumed with first place going to Ron Wykes for his very Intriguing “Refractions”. This was Ron’s third win of the year to put him well placed to retain the Peter Saul Cup.

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Lockdown Theme

In the theme of “Me in Lockdown” Anne Blaber made the pieces fit for her first ever win with “Lockdown Jigsaw”.

Lockdown Jigsaw

1st in Theme: “Lockdown Jigsaw” by Anne Blaber









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Our next event will be a photographic talk at 7.30pm on Monday 17th August by Catherine Knee, entitled “Reality Is Over-Rated”. Catherine will also be our judge on 7th September when the night will feature an open section and the theme of “Enthusiasm”.

If non-members would like to see the photographic talk please use the contact form to ask for Zoom details. 

Normal meetings are held upstairs at the Kings Head, Brixworth Road, Spratton on the 1st Monday of the Month except some bank holidays when usually meetings are held the following Monday. Usual start time 7.30pm. No meetings in August.

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