It’s all about the impact…

The judge for April, Trevor Rudkin, was very clear in his opening remarks about what he was looking for in competition pictures. Impact. He explained the judges in competitions do not have the time to dissect an image, to understand what the author may have been getting at, and that this is how he reached his decisions of the evening. And here was certainly a lotto impact in the winning selections in both the Open and the Theme categories.

John O’Reilly’s Cloisters is certainly an excellent example of impact, the complex lines actually creating a design that does not necessarily need in-depth examination, though if you do spend some time looking at it, you can appreciate the minor as well as the major detail.

Theme First Place
John O’Reilly

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As is often the case these days, nature and wildlife images feature in a big way and in the Open there were no shortage. However, it was Ron Wykes’ very effective abstract made of reusable drinking straws and yellow marble that came out on top. Clear lines, great colour and, obviously, impact.

Open First Place
Ron Wykes

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The next meeting is on Monday May 15th when it will be the AGM. This will be followed by a talk by SPG member Andras Szalai. Andras’ speciality is Astrophotography and his talk will include images and explanations of how he gets his great pictures.

If non-members would like to join the next evening  please use the contact form to ask for details. 

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