SPG Constitution




To meet regularly for the benefit of local Northamptonshire residents who are interested in photography, the aim being to enhance knowledge and ability in an informal competitive way, including appropriate visiting speakers, mounting exhibitions, liaising with other local clubs with similar objectives and entering / hosting competitions.

Normally in May – notice to be given at least one month in advance – both verbally at meetings, via the SPG website, or by the SPG Facebook page or by Email.

Five to be elected at the AGM for a period of one year, being Chairman plus four Committee Members (including nominated Vice Chair, Treasurer and Programme Secretary). A quorum shall be three.

Nominated officers to be responsible for day to day running of SPG, keeping the SPG website up to date and also producing an update after each meeting – communicated to all members via the SPG Website and, if requested, by Email.

In the absence, on any occasion, of both the Chairman and the Vice-Chair, the Committee or those members present will elect a deputy by majority vote.

The Committee may, from time to time, recommend appointment of an Honorary President, subject to approval at the next AGM.

Annual Subscription – level to be agreed at each AGM, and payable by the next meeting. Membership will lapse if unpaid by the September meeting. New members after 1st October will pay 50%

The Treasurer will ensure that suitable income and expenditure records are maintained, which may be by a responsible non-committee member.

Financial year end 31st March. The records are to be verified at the year end by a suitably experienced person, shared with members and presented for approval at the next AGM. The Committee will act responsibly regarding financial commitments.

SPG funds are to be applied prioritised as:
room hire costs, necessary insurances, visiting speakers’ fees, equipment hire, interval drinks, provision of materials, trophies or other items appropriate to enhancing the club’s activities and profile.

Open to all adults.

Junior members, under the age of 16, are welcome to attend and enter suitable meetings and competitions at the discretion of the committee. It would normally be expected that a junior member has an adult ‘sponsor’ among the current membership to aid their photographic development and ensure that their participation meets current safeguarding best practice. A ‘sponsor’ would not necessarily be a family member but could be someone known to the junior. A junior member may have more than one sponsor.

Home address, telephone number & email address to be provided.

The Committee shall have power to expel any member whose conduct does not reflect the well-being and good name of SPG.

SPG will normally meet on the first or second Monday of each month, except in August, either in Spratton or “out and about”. Attendance charges to be agreed at AGM. Non-members are welcomed with surcharge payable. By tradition the December meeting may be purely social.

Anticipate minimum quarterly, aiming to forward plan SPG activity for up to twelve months – where practicable – and sharing with members via web site etc.

Revocation, amendment or adding to can be approved by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at an AGM providing that appropriate notice has been given.

Individual members shall not be entitled to claim, or be paid, any sum in respect of their
membership of SPG. In the event of SPG being wound up, any assets and equipment shall either be donated or sold. Any funds held after all payments due are paid shall be donated to local charity.

Entries to be submitted to advised email address and received no later than 24 hours before the relevant meeting. Images are to be submitted as required by the Rules / Guidelines available on the SPG website or, on request in paper form – present version dated February 2017.

The Competition comprises 2 categories: Theme and Open. The subject of the Theme competition will be set in advance. Open is for images of any subject.

SPG competitions will be adjudicated by an invited judge or by those attending the Regular Meeting. Scores will be allotted as follows:
1st Place – 10 points;
2nd Place – 7 points;
3rd Place – 4 points;
Highly Commended – 2 points;
Commended – 1 point.

Members may submit any number of images in Theme or Open category up to a total of 4. For clarity this means that up to 4 submissions may be made for either Theme or Open category. Only the highest scoring image submitted by a member will be awarded points in each category.

Results are entered into the annual league for each category. The timing of the leagues of the 2 categories will be adjusted so that they will be in line by November 2018.

The overall winner of the Open category will receive the Peter Saul Cup. The overall winner of the Theme category will receive the Andy Stewart Cup. Cup holders will retain the cup for the following twelve months.

Entries (including SPG submissions to other club competitions) may be withheld if the SPG annual subscription is unpaid (see 5 above).

All images submitted for either monthly or other club or inter-club competitions remain the property of the author, who continues to hold the copyright to that image.
By submitting the images the author agrees that:

i) SPG retains the right to use any such images for digital display, whether via the internet, either on the club website or other suitable suites, or in printed form for public display or exhibition.

ii) The rights of SPG to use the images in this manner remain while the author remains a member, or honorary member, of the club.

iii) Should the author leave the club for any reason the club retains the right to hold the authors images in an archive.

iv) A retrospective of former member(s) work may form part of a club meeting or exhibition.



The above reflects what became “custom & practice” following SPG being informally established and meeting regularly from April 2011 – it is envisaged that revisions will be made in the light of experience.

Approved by 16 members present at the third AGM held on 12 May 2014

Amended and approved by 9 members at the tenth AGM held on 10th May 2021