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Hi Everyone               (from Andy Stewart 20th June 2013

 I was wondering if this was of any interest to go on the website particulary is it links in with Brian Pere’s presentation on the 2nd September “Photography on a Shoe String”  These are not the images I have sent in for the competition by the way.Andy's Tips_tonemapped

The photographs were taken in my back garden (a long way from Finland) by placing my camera on a tripod with a remote trigger ( £15.00 Yongnuo from Amazon)
the lens  was a Canon 70-300  which can be picked up for around £40-£50 set on multiple shot in maual, which I pre focused and set apeture to F 5.6.

I then sat hidden in front room for an hour or so pressing remote trigger when I thought birds were in the focus zone, out of the 300 or so shots taken this was the best of
8 acceptable images.

Although this is no way as good as  Nigel Spencers photographs as shown on the Wildlife night, it does demonstrate that perfectly good images can be produced without
having to spend a fortune on equipment.

Andy Stewart