Theme – Top Images – March 2020


Dead Life or Penicillium is the Only Culture Here

1st place: “Dead Life or Penicillium is the Only Culture Here” by Richard Hollingum

Street Culture

2nd place: “Street Culture” by Ann Blazer

Is Culture a Construct?

3rd place: “Is Culture a Construct?” by Richard Hollingum

Back to the 60's

Highly Commended: “Back to the 60’s” by Ray Barnes

City Culture

Highly Commended: “City Culture” by Phil Roseblade

Advertising Culture

Commended: “Advertising Culture” by Ann Blaber

It must be Friday

Commended: “It must be Friday” by Mark Blaber

Library At Ephesus

Commended: “Library At Ephesus” by Ray Barnes

Marching on Through Time

Commended: “Marching on Through Time” by Alan Roffey

Photo Art

Commended: “Photo Art” by Phil Roseblade