Re-Size Images

Please resize to 1024×768.    This is the maximum size in pixels that our projector can project, it is in the ratio of 4×3.

Some cameras have sensors in this ratio, mainly compacts and bridge cameras, and now the new  4.3rds system from Olympus and sony.

Most DSLR though are 6×4 which gives us a size of 1024×683 if reduced to fit (landscape).

So we only have to bear in mind the maximum of each dimension 1024 for the width and 768 for the height.

We could have a letterbox size of eg (1024×400) or a square (768×768) or anything in between.

Online Method for resizing

Step 1
Make a PIXLR Icon on your desktop
(press your RH mouse button, New, Shortcut and enter in the browse window)

Call up PXLR via your new Icon. then follow the below: (open up image) Image 1a
Select Image and Image Size
Image 1b

(note large image size)
Image 1c Enter 1024 in width window and height will adjust. (for portrait (upright)images enter 768 in hieght window and width should adjust) Image 1d

Select SaveImage 1e

Note slider in window shows 80%
Image 1f

To get optimum quality move the slider to 100%
Image 1g Press OK – ALL Done – Close

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