Open – Top Images – November 2019

 "Pair of Admiral Admirals" by Richard Hollingum

1st place: “Pair of Admiral Admirals” by Richard Hollingum

I Once Was An Ugly Duckling

2nd place: “I Once Was An Ugly Duckling” by Ron Wykes

Arch Reflections

3rd place: “Arch Reflections” by Ray Barnes

Moored up for Winter

Highly Commended: “Moored up for Winter” by Phil Earl

Waiting for the phone

Commended: “Waiting for the Phone” by Phil Roseblade

Sunset on the Pilgrims Way

Commended: “Sunset on the Pilgrims Way” by Richard Hollingum

Tranquil Shoreline

Commended: “Tranquil Shoreline” by Ray Barnes

Dandelion Under a Cloudy Sky

Commended: “Dandelion Under a Cloudy Sky” by Alan Roffey