Open July – Top Images

1st place: “Refractions” by Ron Wykes
 In the Line of Beauty
2nd place: ” In the Line of Beauty” by Alan Roffey
Seahouses Sunset
3rd place: “Seahouses Sunset” by Alan Roffey
Beautiful Desmoiselle
Highly Commended: “Beautiful Desmoiselle ” by Richard Hollingum
Off to Hogwarts
Highly Commended: “Off to Hogwarts” by Andy Holland
Highly Commended: “Poppy-go-Round” by Richard Hollingum
Bridge Over  Troubled Water
Commended: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Anne Blaber
Bird's Eye View
Commended: “Bird’s Eye View” by Ray Barnes
Even Funnier the Second Time
Commended: “Even Funnier the Second Time” by Andy Holland
Reflections On A Weathered Facade
Commended: “Reflections On A Weathered Facade” by Veronica Johnson-Roffey