Data Protection Policy

Spratton Photography Group (SPG) exists in accordance with the objectives set out in its constitution: “To meet regularly for the benefit of local Northamptonshire residents who are interested in photography, the aim being to enhance knowledge and ability in an informal competitive way, including appropriate visiting speakers, mounting exhibitions, liaising with other local clubs with similar objectives and entering/hosting competitions”.

Personal information referred to in this Policy relates to data about any living individual who can be identified from the data and may include name, contact details, records of entries and outcomes to SPG and inter-club competitions and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of SPG. Any person about whom information may be held and used by SPG, including but not limited to, an SPG current or potential members, outside speakers or competition judges and wishing to verify, correct or update the information may apply to SPG’s Secretary.

Guiding Principles

  1. To be open and transparent about the personal data we retain and process and to allow access to this information to individuals to whom it pertains
  2. To obtain and use only that personal information which is required for the effective management of the legitimate interests of SPG
  3. To retain personal information in a secure manner, seek to keep it up-to-date and accurate and to permanently delete it when it is no longer required
  4. To refuse to cascade marketing material to members by electronic messages and not to make membership contact information available for electronic marketing


SPG collects and uses personal information for a number of purposes:

  1. To identify current and potential membership numbers and to produce financial accounts
  2. To contact members and potential members about a range of issues, including   forthcoming activities, initiatives, governance and to circulate publications by the Midlands Counties Photographic Federation and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. Members and potential members can at any time unsubscribe from receipt of these publications by contacting SPG’s Treasurer
  3. To update the SPG website and Facebook account, including the results of member competitions and competition league tables and inter-club competitions. These can be viewed by anybody
  4. To present images created by members at exhibitions such as those held at St Andrew’s Church, Spratton
  5. To submit photographic images produced by members to inter-club competitions such as the annual Badby Challenge
  6. To contact potential external speakers and judges and to explain their involvement on the SPG website and Facebook page
  7. To enable members to contact each other informally to seek advice and arrange informal photo shoots

Data Retention

SPG may retain historical archives indefinitely. For example, but not limited to: records of AGM’s, awards and other event results.


3rd October 2018