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A Socially Distanced Walk on the Wildside

A Portrait of Nicola

1st in Open: “A Portrait of Nicola” by Alan Roffey

Our June meeting was held via Zoom and our judge dialling in was Alan Edwards from Club Abington Photographic.

Alan was able to see the images beforehand full size on Flickr which allowed him to take a forensic look at our images both in the open section and in the theme of “Wildlife”.

On the night Alan gave a detailed commentary on the compositional and technical aspects of our work and his top images were held back for final review.

With our current competitions leader unexpectedly resting on his laurels this month others were given a chance to score some league points, and two of our members took full advantage scoring first and second places in both the open and the theme.

As a result, things are much tighter at the top of the tables.

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Open Win
Because the model in the winning  shot was wearing a rather bright top the author had converted the image to black and white and then recoloured it in Photoshop to give a more pleasing effect.

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Judge Dilemma
The judge had a hard time deciding the theme winner, seeming to change his mind several times between the eventual winner and second place.

But in the end a trip to the Farne Islands yielded the winning wildlife shot. While primarily looking for Puffins with a beak full of sand eels the author, Elmer Fudd like, spotted a “wabbit”. 


Wild Rabbit on Inner Farne

1st in Theme: “Wild Rabbit on Inner Farne” by Alan Roffey

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The Virtues of Virtual

Our April Meeting, postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, eventual happened as a virtual competition. Images were submitted as usual but were posted online for members to vote on.

In the Open, Ron Wykes triumphed for the second month in succession with his “Faded Beauty”.

Faded Beauty

1st in Open: “Faded Beauty” by Ron Wykes

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In the theme of “Shadows” Ray Barnes took first position with his “Bike Stand”. 

Bike Stand

1st in Theme: “Bike Stand” by Ray Barnes

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The Start of a New Year

It was the start of a new competition year this January and to kick things off we had a judge, Trevor Rudkin LRPS, to run the rule over our efforts in the Open category and the set subject of “Hands”. Trevor had been to us before to give us tips on what makes a good competition photo: tips which some of us had rather forgotten! Nevertheless, he gave constructive and helpful pointers while talking about our work.


A new year brought little change to fortunes in the open as the current cup holder won again, making it an impressive five in a row for Mark Blaber with his shot “Can He See Us?”

1st in Open: “Can he see us?” by Mark Blaber

In the set subject of “Hands” we saw several takes on playing cards as well as actual hands in various configurations or activities. The winning entry was judged to be “Hand Fitting” by Phil Roseblade, which combined both human hands and the hands of a watch face.

1st in Theme: “Hand Fitting” by Phil Roseblade

Quick it’s March!

Continuing the quest for more constructive  feedback on our work Brian Pere once again occupied the judges chair in March.

In the theme of “Frame it” butter wouldn’t melt in Judith Brown’s mouth  with her picture of “Innocence”.

Zsolt Benedek also scored well and he holds a narrow lead with two rounds to go.

In the open Ray Barnes’ travels were rewarded when he brought home a first with “Mekong Boat Woman”.

1st in Open: “Mekong Boat Woman” by Ray Barnes

Back in the swing in September

Hostilities resumed in our competitions in September when we also had a very informative guest speaker in Peter Going, who, as part of his talk on “Images for Competition” gave some of our work a good “Going” over!

Escaping relatively unscathed was our “Sumertime” theme winner,  Karen Green, who also gained a second place in this category.

16-T Summertime Blues KG

In the Open section Phil Earl took the honours to end a very enjoyable evening with his take on a perfect ending.

13-O End to a Perfect Day PE