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Quick it’s March!

Continuing the quest for more constructive  feedback on our work Brian Pere once again occupied the judges chair in March.

In the theme of “Frame it” butter wouldn’t melt in Judith Brown’s mouth  with her picture of “Innocence”.

Zsolt Benedek also scored well and he holds a narrow lead with two rounds to go.

In the open Ray Barnes’ travels were rewarded when he brought home a first with “Mekong Boat Woman”.

1st in Open: “Mekong Boat Woman” by Ray Barnes

Back in the swing in September

Hostilities resumed in our competitions in September when we also had a very informative guest speaker in Peter Going, who, as part of his talk on “Images for Competition” gave some of our work a good “Going” over!

Escaping relatively unscathed was our “Sumertime” theme winner,  Karen Green, who also gained a second place in this category.

16-T Summertime Blues KG

In the Open section Phil Earl took the honours to end a very enjoyable evening with his take on a perfect ending.

13-O End to a Perfect Day PE