Theme – Top Images – July 2020

Me in Lockdown

Lockdown Jigsaw

1st place: “Lockdown Jigsaw” by Anne Blaber

Self Portrait

2nd Place: “Self Portrait” bu Richard Hollingum

Going Shileding Stir Crazy

3rd place: “Going Shielding Stir Crazy” by Alan Roffey

Lockdown, but not Checkmate

Highly Commended: “Lockdown, but not Checkmate” by Zsolt Benedek

The Scream

Highly Commended: “The Scream” by Ray Barnes

Using the Lawn Mower

Highly Commended: “Using the Lawn Mower” by Richard Hollingum

Anger Management

Commended: “Anger Management” by Ray Barnes



In A Digital Daze

Commended: “In A Digital Daze” by Ron Wykes