All at Sea in October

Crashing Waves
1st in Theme: “Crashing Waves” by Ray Barnes

The judge on this on this occasion was John Lewis from Daventry Photographic Society who had to cope with the mounting swells of our Seascapes as well as our open efforts. 

A pre-lockdown trip to Australia provided Ray Barnes with the best shot in the theme. However, he had to endure “the roughest boat ride he has ever had” to get his winning “Crashing Waves”. HDR in post-processing added to drama of the scene. This result sees him well placed to take the Andy Stewart Cup for a second time. 

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 Tethered, in the bathroom, with a tripod. No, not some weird Cluedo murder but the methodology of Ron Wykes’ latest magnum opus. This tilted view gained Ron his fifth open win of the season and with only one round left the fat lady is warming up her vocal cords to serenade the Peter Saul Cup.

1st in Open: “Bubble Bath” by RonWykes:


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