Going off the Rails

Signal Box
Stairway to the Signal Box

Our June meeting was a photographic outing to the nearby Northampton and Lamport Railway. The group  had access to the platform, signal box and carriages at the Brampton Halt station, and as there were no trains running we could also go onto the tracks.

It had been arranged for actors and models from “Star Now” to be in attendance in period dress to bring the scene to life. We were very pleased to have Naomi Jane Butcher, Jeremy Hotlom, Lucy Sosa, Nick Sternberg and Hilary W in front of our massed lenses.

Lee Miller: Bringing the lights and the smoke

One of our members, Lee Miller (LM Photography), brought along lights and a smoke machine so we could emulate a smokey platform.

We have to give a big thanks to the staff of the Northampton and Lamport Railway for organising the evening, keeping us safe and letting us roam amongst their preserved stars.

The evening seemed to go very well, with both the members and models enjoying the event. The models were attending on a “time for prints” basis. Some pictures have already been made available to the models and their reaction has been positive.

SPG Members: Going off the rails?
Balancing Act: L-R, Lucy Sosa; Nick Sternberg; Jeremy Hotlom; Hilary w; Naomi Jane Butcher