Monthly Archives: May 2018

Quite a shower judging in April

Our April meeting was a competition evening but with no judge available it was up to us to argue among ourselves as to what was the best image in the Open category and also in the Theme of “Motion”.

Authors were asked to speak about their images and to give some detail about their capture.

Final Straight

1st in theme: “Final Straight” by Ray Barnes

Ray Barnes, who won in the theme category, said his image was taken on 30 November 2017 at Towcester Races and he explained:.

“On that day I tried panning for the first time and this was an example
of the shots I captured. I like the dynamic positions of the horse and
the jockey and I feel it conveys a sense of motion as the horse galloped
towards the finishing line on a sunny but raw day.”

“My settings were: f22, one fifteenth of a second shutter speed and an
ISO of 100. I shot in Shutter Priority, with an exposure step of minus
0.3 and a focal length of 175mm.”

“Post processing involved cropping and lighting.”

Camouflage for a lazy day

1st in Open: “Camouflage for a lazy day” by Mark Blaber

Mark Blaber, who won in the Open, said his image was taken when he was holiday in Wales earlier this year on a beach in Cardigan Bay. He said:

“We had been walking on the beach and I
became aware of someone lying on the rocks fast asleep. A number of
people went up to make sure he was ok because he was completely
oblivious to the activity going on around him. I was taken really by how
well he was ” camouflaged” against the rocks. He was fine, just enjoying
a nap.”

“My settings were f 4.5, 27mm, 1/50sec. ISO 100.”