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Food, glorious food to welcome 2018


Tracey setting up a demonstation

Our speaker for our first meeting of 2018 was Tracey Sherwood, a commercial and editorial food photographer based in her own Northampton studio.

Tracey made us all very hungry by showing pictures of delicious plates of food, but actually eating what she had photographed could be a little chewy because of the bits of cardboard, toothpicks and moulds of acetate often used to keep the dishes perfectly presented.

The food has to look absolutely right, sometimes using tweezers to painstakingly move grains of rice into an aesthetic pattern. It also has to look fresh, so she has a fully equipped kitchen in her studio to produce the delicacies she photographs.

Tracey has shot features for numerous magazines and cookbooks and brings a fresh and sophisticated approach to her work. Her photographs reveal a love for natural light, a passion for good food and a meticulous attention to detail. Her clients include Tesco, Sainsburys, BPS, Windsor Farm Shops, Mars Group and Centre Parcs.

What more could we ask for?
After her presentation Tracey gave a practical demonstration for the group, setting up a portable studio to demonstrate a food setting with high key lighting.


Building a set

She said she liked shooting food because it doesn’t argue!

The SPG members gather round

The SPG members gather round

Tracey is also a part-time Senior Lecturer of Photography at The University of Northampton, conducts photography workshops, and teaches photography commercially.

Her  website is