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A close run thing …

Forget Hamilton vs Vettel, for a really close tussle you need Wykes vs Benedek. After the final “Up Close and Personal” round of our theme league these two could not be separated! They share the Andy Stewart Cup for 2017 having each individually been winners of the cup in the previous two years.
Approaching the final round Zsolt Benedek held a narrow 2 point lead over Ron Wykes. On the night newly installed group Chair Richard Hollingum took the Up Close honours with “Mother’s Milk”.

1st in Theme: “Mother’s Milk” by Richard Hollingum


1st in Open: “Pirouette” by Ron Wykes

A third place for Ron was enough to draw him level with Zsolt, who failed to score – leaving the two tied.
In the open Ron really ruled the roost, securing the first 3 places!
He now has a narrow lead in this competition, which will resume in September after our summer break.