A close run thing

If the The Duke of Wellington had been at our May meeting for the final “Long Exposure” round of the theme competition he could have been misquoted as saying it was “a damn close run thing”.

As it was, Zsolt Benedek, who held and kept a one point advantage over Mark Blaber, ran out as the winner of the inaugural Andy Stewart Cup.

T Painting with Light ZB

1st in Theme: “Painting with Light” by Zsolt Benedek

Mark Blaber kept Zsolt on his toes by scoring a joint second and third place on the night while Phil Earl and Alan Roffey, who finished third overall, also came to the party but all had to bow to the power of Zsolt.

In the Open all the votes went to just two entries: Karen Green opened up a bit of a gap at the top of the leader board with a second place; but the winner on the night was the current holder of the Peter Saul Cup with a picture of Lord’s Isle on Derwentwater.

Oval Isle

1st in Open: “Oval Isle” by Alan Roffey


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