Monthly Archives: April 2015

March winds blow Brian very good

A strong March wind blew in over 60 entries for the latest round in our monthly competitions.

I do not know if Mr Brian Pere has a degree of any kind but he scored a unique double first in the open with his entries.

First at the Double: Brian Pere

There was a tie for second place between youth and experience in the form of Cameron Ashton (Boarded Up) and the evergreen Peter Hunt  (Stay Put).  A multi-way tie for third (including another placing for Cameron) saw the points well spread out behind these authors.

In the theme Skies Phil Earl enjoyed a very good evening with a clear winning shot taken in Harlestone.

T Evening in Harlestone PE

With Phil taking top spot and Cameron Ashton following up last month’s win with a joint second things have got very tight at the top of the theme league with only two rounds to go and just three points covering the top six places.