Monthly Archives: May 2014

May competition results

The May meeting of the Spratton Photography Group saw our normal competitions.

Mark Blaber took the open honours with his impressive ‘Joker in the Pack’ (he pulled that one out of his sleeve) while Andy Holland took the voucher prize for his effort in the theme ‘Signs’. There had been a multi-way tie between several entries but the acting Chair placed a casting vote which went to Andy for his excellent use of focus and depth of field in his view of the road sign ‘Holdenby Road’. The lure of far flung places obviously swayed the casting vote!

Theme advances a league

The practice of giving a voucher prize for the theme winner will discontinue in favour of having a cup or shield as recognition for the theme competition. This is to be a league on a similar structure to the open, but running from September to the following June/July.

Suggestions for naming the prize are welcome.

New Committee

A new committee was elected recently with Michael Oakes continuing as Vice-Chair, Pat Tanner continuing as Programme Secretary, Mark Blaber becoming Treasurer, Lee Miller joining the committee and Alan Roffey taking the Chair.

The new committee will look to move the club forward, recruit new members, seek outside funding and expand the activities of the group while also closely reviewing the financial situation to ensure the group remains solvent, can pay our bills and has a roof over our heads.

In a new venture, Carli Miller becomes our social media secretary, to echo the activities of the group on Facebook and hopefully widen our audience and dare I say it – attract younger members.

Brian Pere, who has helped the club enormously over the past few years, remains available to the committee for consultation on wider camera club issues such as the Badby Challenge.